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A Life in Hell

as in Vallon Makiawel livejournal

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Korona Z Lisci Wawrzynu i Dwunastu Braci Zakletych
Gods Power Rangers - Red
As in pictures/illustrations/designs from book/comic i have been working on since middle school.
title translates to Crown of Lauren Leaves and Twelve Brothers Enchanted. The story/plot has a lot of folklore and folk tales mixed in it.
lots of fantasy, gayness and family drama. :D

12 brothers:

Im actually working on English versions of their names, since most characters (excluding Erebos the Fourth, and Duncan), have old-Slavic or Polish names.

location, location, location. Three most important locations in my 'verse.
deep in the forest, Gabrysza lives in a hut on chicken legs.
thr russian-like palace in the right up corner is Mirgaj, where Erebos IV is a ruler.
and the last is Czarci Jar (Devil's Ravine), where 12 brothers were tsareviches before they had to escape their home and evil uncle richard.

ADC!Holmes and BBC!Sherlock

Sailor Venus


and a bonus:) my hand!

sorry for image vomit:D trying to make up for not posting in AGGGGEEEEESSSS!