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A Life in Hell

as in Vallon Makiawel livejournal

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Sherlock BBC - Hound of Baskerville
Gods Power Rangers - Red
oh gatiss, i knew you would not dissapoint me!

so much better than Scandal, a thousand times better than Scandal.

a prove once again why i fell in love with sherlock.

brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!!!

the best part: "yours a snorer too?"

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I agree!

I liked Scandal but I did not like the portrayal of Irene Adler. She was nowhere near good enough for Sherlock in terms of brainpower, and all the overtly sexual references jarred with me.

However, I loved Hounds. The best part for me was Sherlock arriving at 221B Baker Street right at the beginning, bloodied and carrying a spear, referencing Black Peter. Genius!

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